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Project phases

The project started up 1st of December 2012 and ended the 30th of November 2014.
Each country partner had specific tasks and responsibilities which were outlined in the project plan. Five work conferences ensured sharing of knowledge and experience between the different partners. An overview of the phases is listed below:

Phase 1: Preparation

  • development and piloting of the ICT-based platform
  • development of country reports related to the CPD programmes for school leaders in the different countries and the development of a conceptual model based on a comparative analysis

Phase 2: Development 

  • development and adaption of the ICT-based self-assessment instrument
  • development of feedback reports
  • development of coaching module and material for blended learning
  • development of material for train-the-trainer module

Phase 3: Piloting and implementation:

  • Piloting of the train-the-trainer module
  • Piloting of the ICT-based instrument, country specific and cross-country comparison of data provided by the instrumentpiloting of the coaching modules

Phase 4: Evaluation, research, dissemination and further developments

  • Quantitative analysis of data provided by the self-assessement instrument and evaluations
  • Qualitative analysis of data from observations of coaching sessions and interviews with participants and coaches
  • Documentation and dissemination of research findings in terms of reports, scientific and popular publications, lectures and presentations to research community and different stake holders
  • Further development of the instrument, the train-the-trainer module, workshops and coaching sessions on the basis of the results
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