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University of Vanderbilt
Appleton Place  230
TN 37203-572 Nashville, USA

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Core Team  

Prof. Ellen Goldring
(contact person)

Professor Golding's research interests focus on the intersection of education policy and school improvement with particular emphases on school organization, school choice, and education leadership. She conducts research on developing effective and psychometrically valid and reliable principal evaluation practices and policies with funding from the Wallace Foundation and the Institute of Education Sciences (IES). She is a co-author of the Vanderbilt Assessment of Leadership in Education ( Professor Goldring's research on school leadership examines leadership practice, and the implementation and effects of professional development, coaching, and performance feedback. She is the principal investigator of a study, Supporting Principals to Use Teacher Effectiveness Measures for Human Capital Decisions, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Ass. Prof. Dr. Xiu Cravens

Xiu Cravens' research interests focus on the analysis of educational reform policies that are particularly related to the organizational and cultural contexts of schools in the United States and other countries in the world. Her academic work has been devoted mainly to two areas: understanding the role of school leaders (principals and superintendents) in a changing policy environment, and addressing the conceptual and methodological challenges of cross-cultural comparison and generalization in international education policy research. Recently, she participated in research studies on developing teacher capacity through shared instructional leadership in Shanghai and Tennessee, charter school effects with the National Center on School Choice, the development and validation of the Vanderbilt Assessment of Leadership in Education® (the VAL-ED), and the cross-cultural validity and reliability of the VAL-ED in Chinese urban schools.

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