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University of Seville
Faculty of Education
Department of Teaching and School Organization
Pirotecnia, s/n
41013 Seville, Spain

Tel: +34 955 420 603 – 604
Fax: +34 954 554 306

Core Team  

Assoc. Prof. Julián López-Yáñez
(contact person)

Prof. Marita Sánchez-Moreno

Dra. Marita Sánchez Moreno is a Professor in the Department of Teaching and Educational Organization, University of Seville, Spain, specialized in the field of School Organization and Management. Her research focus is directed by an overall interest in the social interaction inside school organizations and the in-service education of teachers and educational managers. She has led different research projects on the leadership and the power networks unfolded by women ruling university organizational units, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Work and Social Affairs.
Dr. Mariana Altopiedi

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