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School of Education and Professional Studies
University of Griffith
Messines Ridge Road
Mt Gravatt Qld 4122

Tel: +61(0)7 3735 3458
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Core Team  

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bev Fluckiger
(contact person)

Following careers as an Early Years teacher and State Primary and Infant School Principal, Bev took up an appointment with the School of Education and Professional Studies. She has a strong association with Griffith University through Researching Caped Crusaders: The boys Flying high project in early literacy at Camp Hill that resulted in her school winning the State Showcase Award for Excellence in the Early Years in 2005. Bev's research interests inlcude leadership, literacy, family-school partnerships and cultural diversity - all within early childhood education

Prof. Dr. Neil Dempster

Neil Dempster is a Professor in Education at Griffith University and former Dean of its Faculty of Education. His research interests are in leadership for learning, school governance, school improvement and the role that professional development plays in leadership, policy implementation and institutional change. Neil is an Honorary Fellow of the Australian Council for Educational Leaders, and a Fellow of the Australian College of Educators where he held the post of National President in 2006 & 2007. Neil has written articles on the national curriculum in Education Review and is a member of the Curriculum Standing Committee of National Professional Associations (CSCNEPA).

Prof. Dr. Greer Johnson

Greer Johnson is a Professor in Education at Griffith University. She is Director of the Griffith Institute for Educational Research. Her focus is on research into disadvantage in a range of educational context using narrative inquiry methods. Currently she is researching post school options for at risk students transitioning out of school; teacher's professional learning; principals leadership for learning and older workers participation in the workforce.

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