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Education and School Leadership Symposium 2015:
Call for Proposal and Registration
(Bildungs- und Schulleitungssymposium)

The Education Symposium Switzerland and International School Leadership Symposium 2015 will take place on September 2-4 in Zug. The Conference Theme is «Excellence, Equality and Equity: Improving the Quality of Education for All».


  • You can now submit proposals for the conference. More information can be found on the Call for Proposals, available at our website.
  • The registration for the conference is now possible, too.

We hope you are interested in participating in this international event. Last year the 800 experts who participated came from 52 countries around the world.

If you want to bring a group of principals, get in touch with us about special rates and a school-visit programme, as some others already did.

We also recommend to stay in Switzerland for the week-end. Check out information in section 7 below.

Below you find detailed information with the links to our website:


1) Call for Proposals

The Call for Proposals is open. The deadline for the submission of a proposal is March 8, 2015. You can submit contributions at:

Contributions can be submitted in the following fields:

  • Classroom Development
  • Staff Development
  • Organization and Knowledge Management
  • Quality Management
  • System Leadership and Cooperation
  • Educational Equality
  • Diversity Management
  • Health
  • School Turnaround
  • Professionalization of School Leaders
  • Architecture and Education
  • Culture and Education
  • Educational Policy and Educational Governance

The following forms of contributions can be submitted:

  • paper presentation (20 minutes presentation and 10 minutes discussion)
  • multiple paper presentation, composed of three linked paper presentations (each 20 minutes and 10 minutes discussion, all together 90 minutes)
  • workshop 90 minutes
  • workshop 180 minutes

All submitted proposals will be evaluated by experienced experts. If given a positive assessment, your contribution will be selected for the program. The results of the reviews will be announced early in April 2015. If you need an earlier review (for example because of visa requirements, travel planning etc), please indicate this during the submission process.

Members of the Advisory Board and Program Committee you will find at:


2) Registration

Registration for the conference is now possible at:

Please note that we offer a discount for participants who arrive from outside Switzerland. In addition, we offer a discount for participants who come from outside Switzerland and another discount for participants from outside the European Union as a travel cost support.


3) Conference Dinner: Tour de Zoug

Around the Symposium’s sessions there will be a rich offer of social, cultural and sightseeing activities featuring national and international artists.

For the first time, the conference dinner will present itself as a “Tour de Zoug” with four traditional locations in the city of Zug which are next to each other to enjoy a great meal and entertainment program. After the dinner, which will be offered till 10 pm, you can explore the different restaurant. During the evening, various artists will stop at each location for your enjoyment.

Please note, that the number of persons per location is limited. When registering for the conference, please state whether you would like to attend the dinner.

You can find more information about the conference dinner at:

The registration for the conference dinner is possible at:


4) Accommodation

Hotel accommodation for conference participants of the Symposium is available in Zug and its surroundings at:

Please note that special rates will only be offered for a limited time.

Experience shows that the demand for hotel rooms can be very high. We therefore recommend you to take care of your hotel reservation as soon as possible.


5) Cooperation

The Symposium is hosted by the Institute for the Management and Economics of Education (IBB) of the University of Teacher Education Zug in cooperation with various partners. The Symposium will be supported by third-party funding and further regional, national and international partners.

The main partners are

  • the Association of School Leadership Switzerland,
  • the Association of School Leadership Germany and
  • the Association of Teachers Switzerland.

Further cooperation partners are universities, educational institutions, authorities and national and international associations.

You will find further information (which will be continuously updated) at:


6) Impressions of the former Symposia

You will find impressions (photos and videos) of the former Symposia at:


7) Impressions of Zug and its Surrounding

Information, Photos and Videos about the meeting place Zug and its surroundings you find at:

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