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layout institutThe Institute's projects can be structured in the following three topics:

1. Organization, Quality and Development in Education
2. Teacher Education, Leadership Education and Human Resource Management in Education
3. Youth Research (Education & Perspectives)




Current projects of the IBB:

1. Organization, Quality and Development in Education
Operationalisations of Successful School Leadership – Findings of an International Literature Review (in german)
School Leadership Action: Work-related Pressure and Subjective Strain (in english)
School Inspection and School Development - an EU-LLL-Project with eight countries (in english)
Learning Regions & Communities: Net-worked Systems & System Leadership (in english)
School Turnaround in Berlin Schools (in german)
Practices of Data Use in Municipalities and Schools (in english)
Change Processes in Schools and the Role of School Leadership – A Study of 15 Schools (in german)
School as Organization – a Typology of selected characteristics (in german)
School Management in Learning Regions (in german)
Time for School Management (in german)
Bridging Program (in german)

2. Teacher Education, Leadership Education and Human Resource Management in Education
Evaluating and Developing Quality in Teacher Education – Swiss Adaption of the German Panel Study (in german)
Competence Profile School Management (CPSM) – an Inventory for the Self-Assessment of School Leadership (in english)
Professional Learning through Reflection promoted by Feedback and Coaching (in english)
Impact of Further Education and Training and Development for School Leaders (in english)
Assessment Center for Orientation for School Leaders (in german)
Mission Statements and Job Profiles for School Leadership (in german)
Development of Competences for School Leadership (in german)

As well as the special topic:
3. Youth Research (Education & Perspectives)
Interdisciplinary Understanding of Youth: Swiss Federal Survey of Adolescents (Head of the National Research Consortium) (in english)
Constitution of Values – The Contribution of Schooling (in german)


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