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The projects are assorted according to the Fields of Work (see Profile)
1.) Research Projects
2.) Research- Based Consultancy

3.) Networks

4.) Development Projects

5.) Publications Projects

1.) Research Projects

  • Core Indicators of the Swiss Youth Investigation ch-x : Development and Test of the Research Instrument
  • Mission Statements and Job Profiles for School Leadership – A Synopsis of Their Descriptions in the 'Länder' of the German Federal Republic
  • Selection of School Leaders – An International Comparison
  • Operationalisations of Successful School Leadership – Findings of an International Literature Review
  • Learning Regions and Communities: Networked Systems and System Leadership – Analysis of the situation in Switzerland and Feasability Study for the design of an intervention study
  • Interdisciplinary Understanding of Youth: Swiss Federal Survey of Adolescents
  • Survey of Swiss Adolescents’ Attitudes Contribution to the Development of Values
  • Training and Development for School Leaders
  • EU-Project: Impact of School Inspection on Teaching and Learning (ISI-TL)
  • Competence Profile School Management (CPSM) – an Inventory for the Self-Assessment of School Leadership
  • Evaluating and Developing Quality in Teacher Education – Swiss Adaption of the German Panel Study (PaLea)
  • Change Processes in Schools and the Role of School Leadership – a Study of 15 Schools and Case Studies of Five Schools Based on a Typology
  • The Impact of Professional Development – Theory and Empirical Research in Two German States (Saxony-Anhalt, Berlin)

2. Research- Based Consultancy

  • Internal Evaluation at the PHZ Zug
  • OECD Leadership Activity: School Leadership Development
  • Evaluation of the New Leadership Structure of the 'Stadtschulen Zug'
  • School and School Profile Development at Secondary Schools of the Principality of Liechtenstein
  • Development of an Instrument for the Research into Gender Factors
  • Evaluation of the Model Project for the Promotion of Reading among Children
  • Needs Assessment, Design and Evaluation of the Central Training and Development Programme for School Leaders, Members of the Steering Groups, and Evaluation Experts of Schools for Model Project Self-Managing Schools of Berlin (MES)
  • School Leadership Development of Thuringia (FKET): Membership in the Steering Group
  • Expert Report on the Support Strategy for Education of the Robert Bosch Foundation
  • Expert Report on the Hesse School Quality Framework, Part 'School Management'
  • Membership in the Advisory Board/Group of Experts of the StudienKolleg "Begabtenföderung für Lehramtsstudierende" (Support for Gifted Students of Education)

3. Networks

3.1 Academic Networks

  • Chair of the 'Network School Leadership and Leadership Development' of the International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement (ICSEI)
  • Governor of the 'Network Educational Leadership' of the European Educational Research Association' (EERA)
  • Chair of the International Committee of Division A (Administration) of the American Educational Research Association (AERA)

3.2 School Networks

  • Chair of the 'Network of Erfurt Schools' (NES)
  • Partner of the Forum of Innovative Schools in Thuringia
  • Partner of the Schools in the Project Self-Managing Schools Berlin (MES)

3.3 Conferences

4. Development Projects

  • Provision of the Central Training and Development Programme in the Project Self-Managing Schools Berlin (MES)
  • Specialising Module "Bildung wirksam machen“ [Making Education Effective]
  • Module "Alltag und Wissenschaft“ [Practice and Science] The Management of Continuous Professional Education: International Trends
  • Seminar "Quality Management in Educational Institutions"
  • Seminar "Simulation and Gaming"

5. Publication Projects

  • Editor of the book series 'Wissen & Praxis Bildungsmanagement' [Knowledge, Theory, and Practice Education Management]"
  • Co-editor of the loose-leaf edition and online support offer 'PraxisWissen SchulLeitung' [Knowledge for School Leadership]
  • Member of the Editorial Board of the journal 'schul-management'
  • Member of the Editorial Board of the series 'Schulmanagement-Handbuch'
  • Reviewer for “School Effectiveness and School Improvement. An International Journal of Research, Policy and Practice”
  • Reviewer for “Educational Research and Evaluation. An International Journal on Theory and Practice” Reviewer for "Educational Management, Administration & Leadership"
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