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Table of Contents:
1.) Profile
2.) Fields of work

3.) Customers and Clients

4.) Range of topics

1.) Profile

The IBB is a university institute, which contributes to research and knowledge transfer in the fields of the management and economics of education.

Besides engaging in research and development, the IBB's aim is to provide services to teachers, school leaders, representatives of communities, cantons, ministries, and authorities as well as
individuals in charge of the quality and development of educational institutions.

2.) Fields of work

The Institute's work can be structured into the following fields:

  • Research
    comprising basic research, applied research, and evaluation research

  • Consultancy
    comprising above all evaluations, needs assessments, conceptions, consultancy, and expertises

  • Networks
    comprising chairing professional networks for research and practice and the organisation of conferences

  • Training and Development
    comprising initial training, continuous professional development, and coaching for all agents at school and education authorities

  • Publications
    comprising editorships (e.g. of a book series and a loose-leaf edition for school leadership), memberships in editorial boards of journals and authorships of German-speaking as well as international publications.


3.) Customer and Clients

Our funding partners and customers are (besides the classic research foundations) above all the federal government, the cantons, communities, as-sociations, counselling agencies, private founda-tions, education institutions (among them also uni-versities), in Switzerland and the other German speaking countries (above all the federal states of Germany), but also in other European and non-European countries, and international organisa-tions such as the OECD.

  • Education Policy
  • Cantons (Education Authorities and Boards)
  • Communities
  • Schools
  • Education Offices
  • 'Schulpflegen'
  • School Leaderships
  • Teachers
  • Minitries Abroad
  • School Leadership Associations
  • Parents' Associations
  • CPD Institutions
  • Career Counselling, School Psychology, and other Support Services
  • School Initiatives
  • Foundations
  • Publishing Houses
  • Tertiary Education INstitutions (Universities and Teacher Training Colleges)
  • Scholars, University Lecturers
  • Kindergartens, Nurseries
  • Other Educational Institutions
  • Personnel Departments and Offices in Industry and Economy


4.) Range of topics

The Institute's research projects can be structured in the following three topics:

  • Governance
    comprising e.g. „Learning Regions and communities: Networked Systems and System Leadership“ and „School Inspection and School Development“.
  • School Management
    comprising e.g. „School Leadership Action: Work-related Pressure and Subjective Strain“ and „Competence Profile School Management (CPSM) – an Inventory for the Self-Assessment of School Leadership“.
  • Professional Development
    comprising e.g. „Evaluating and Developing Quality in Teacher Education – Swiss Adaption of the German Panel Study“ and „Impact of Further Education and Training and Development for School Leaders“.

As well as the special topic:

  • Youth (Education and Perspectives)
    comprising the „Interdisciplinary Understanding of Youth: Swiss Federal Survey of Adolescents“ (Head of the National Research Consortium) and „Constitution of Values – The Contribution of Schooling“.

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