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Poster Presentation of current Projects of the IBB

The Poster Presentations are only availabe in German.

Learning Regions and Communities I: Networked Systems and System Leadership – Analysis of the Situation in Switzerland
Learning Regions and Communities II: Networked Systems and System Leadership – Analysis of International Projects
Learning Regions and Communities III: a Theoretical Modell for Project Management as well as Evaluation and Research
External Evaluation and School Development – A EU-LLL-Project with Eight Countries
School Turnaround in Berlin Schools
School Management
School Management in Learning Regions – Analysis of Two Regions
Operationalisations of Successful School Leadership – Findings of an International Literature Review
School Leadership Practices I: Mission Statements and Job Profiles for School Leadership – A Synopsis of Their Descriptions in the 'Länder' of the German Federal Republic: What is Expected from School Leadership
School Leadership Practices II: Preferences and Stress in Specific School Leaderhip Activities: What School Leaders Like to Do And What They Experience as Burden?
School Leadership Practices III: What School Leaders Do? Findings from End-Of-Day Logs
School Leadership Practices IV: Qualitative Analysis of Complex Stress and Strain Situations
School Leadership Practices V: What Predicts Strain and Stress in School Leadership? Findings of the School Leadership Study in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland
School Leadership Practices VI: School Leadership and School Development in France – Case Studies of Collèges in Greater Paris
Competence Profile School Management (CPSM) – An Inventory for the Self-Assessment of School Leadership I
Competence Profile School Management (CPSM) – An Inventory for the Self-Assessment of School Leadership II
Professional Development for School Leaders – Professional Learning through Feedback and Reflection (PROFLEC): An International Project with Ten Countries
Change Processes in Schools and the Role of School Leadership – A Study of 15 Schools
Selection of School Leaders – An International Comparison
Human Resource Management
Evaluating and Developing Quality in Teacher Education – Swiss Adaption of the German Panel Study (PaLea)
The Impact of Professional Development – A Theoretical Model for Evaluation and Research
The Governance and Quality of Professional Development in Saxony-Anhalt
Training and Development for School Leaders – Evaluation and Research in Four German States (Thuringia, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Bremen)
School Leadership Development in the Canton Aargau
Master Programme School Management
Network of Erfurt Schools (NES)
Youth (Education and Perspectives)
Interdisciplinary Understanding of Youth: Swiss Federal Survey of Adolescents – Development and Testing of a Replicative Cross-sectional Survey
Survey of Swiss Adolescents’ Attitudes towards Values and the School’s Contribution to the Development of Values
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